Pacific Bridge School

Come exercise your mind!

Carole makes Beginning Bridge painless, even fun!  She teaches bridge with a wonderful warmth, sense of humor and patience.  She makes you feel that there is never a dumb question. We recommend her highly.

                                                            Carolyn and Andy

Thank you for visiting the Pacific Bridge School where teaching bridge is our passion. We founded this center on the belief that everyone has the ability to learn bridge.

Bridge is no longer a game that our parents or grandparents once played.  With players like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet hitting the bridge tables, it has proven to be an exciting psychological, conceptual and strategic mind exercise that allows for ones’ entire being to participate with each hand being dealt. 

Whether you are interested in learning how to play a social game with friends or competitive duplicate bridge at the club or tournament level, bridge is becoming the new pastime for those who enjoy thinking, calculating and just plain having a good time.  Bridge is not easy and requires a bit of commitment and practice outside the classroom. But the payoff is emotionally extraordinary when you and your partner work together to either defeat the opposition or communicate to successfully make your contract.

Don’t be afraid to give bridge a chance. Shake off the notion that it’s too hard or it’s only for smart people or I can’t remember anything so how can I play bridge?  Come on in and give it a try.  If you don’t find it compelling, I promise that at least you will make some new friends.

“Bridge is a lot more than just a card game.  It is a cerebral sport.  Bridge teaches you logic, reasoning, quick thinking, patience, concentration and partnership skills. “  Martina Navratilova (tennis superstar).


About Us

Terrific teacher!  His classes are clear, organized and really interesting.
He understands the game on many levels. He is able to sift out the important concepts and make this complex game seem a little simpler.
Nice guy too.
Thanks again for all your effort.

I hope the PBS thrives,

I found that the Zero Master Point Night was a great introduction to duplicate bridge - an un-pressured setting, with plenty of help available, and without the tight time constraints you find in a more formal game.  It's great to be able to raise your hand when you aren't sure of your next bid and get assistance. I found it excellent for building confidence. Friendly people and great snacks! A nice beginning to more formal play for the less experienced player.


I found my beginning bridge lessons with Carole Bennett to be a gentle way to learn the game in a non-threatening environment.  Carole has fostered in me a desire to keep learning.  I am a grateful for her passion for the game and her sensitivity to a beginner.